Best Practices for COVID-19 Vaccine Workflow Implementation


  • This section is for those pharmacies that have the basic infrastructure in place and are now ready to implement and provide the vaccine. 

The information below is shared by CPESN Pharmacies and CPESN Network Leaders across the country.

Files have not been thoroughly vetted with The CDC Guidelines.

Please utilize at your discretion. Certain aspects may differ from State to State.

Patient Awareness/ Patient Education Resources
Patient Awareness about COVID-19 Vaccine Flyers [updated 12.31.2020]
  • When the pharmacy staff is educated about the vaccine, post a flyer for your patients and people within your community so that they know your pharmacy is a vaccine administration site.

  • Click below to access the flyers.

    • Flyer #1 and Flyer #2: Consider posting one of these on your drive-through window or your entry door into the pharmacy. 

    • Flyer #3: Patient Awareness Flyer about the COVID-19 Vaccine Safety and who receives it.

      • Consider customizing to include which phase that we are currently in​.
        • This can be done by using a PDF editor, copying and pasting the text in a word document.
      • On the bottom left of Page 2, there are (possibly) invisible text boxes that you can add text for patients to get the most up-to-date information. Examples include:
        • "In order to receive the most up-to-date information from [Insert CPESN Pharmacy Name], follow our Facebook Page [insert page name] or visit our website [insert website address].
        • May also consider adding an IVR option for vaccine information and someone at the pharmacy updates the recording there.
      • May print front and back instead of 2 pages.

Ensure your processes are in place for triaging questions & scheduling appointments [updated 12.31.2020]
  • If this does not occur, the regular pharmacy workflow will back-up quickly due to strained resources.

  • Best Practice #1: Determine and implement your appointment scheduling software. Be sure to test it out before going live with it.

  • Best Practice #2: Provide the process/steps for the patients (i.e., healthcare providers) to schedule an appointment (preference – click here to complete the form vs. calling the pharmacy to schedule an appointment).

  • Best Practice #3: Set up your IVR Phone System with a Message (consider an option / person to triage these questions to within the pharmacy)

  • Click here to view.

    • SMP Pharmacy provides patients with a checklist for 1) requesting a vaccine, 2) scheduling appointment, 3) preparing for the appointment, 4) what to do at the time of appointment, and 5) what to do after the appointment.

    • Best Practice: Have patients check in when they arrive by using the Mobile Check In App (Click here to be directed to the Apple App Store; cost is reasonable and can be used for other services)

  • Best Practice: Consider creating something similar for your patients in order to provide more clarity in an effort to decrease patient questions and improve patient guidance.

Checklist for patients as they prepare to get the vaccine [updated 1.18.2021]
Update your website to provide Patients with COVID-19 Vaccine Resources 
[updated 1.18.2021]
  • Click here to view SMP Pharmacy's website!​

Vaccine Distribution / Administration Processes
Process/plan for a large vaccine clinic with numerous resources & how to apply for a smaller vaccine clinic [updated 1.13.2021]
  • Click here to download the Word document that you can repurpose for your needs. Includes process considerations from pre-clinic through clinic patient flow plan

    • Plan/Process was utilizing for a clinic size of 200+ vaccines over about 4 hours with numerous human resources.

  • Guidance for applying to smaller staffs or smaller vaccine clinics:

    • You could decrease the overall number of staff per station and/or consolidate the greeter and registration positions down to one station. And with less people in a smaller space you may not need a person dedicated to post vaccination observation.  The dose preparation piece also depends on which product is being utilized as we have used 1 person at some of our Moderna clinics, but with the Pfizer vaccine we utilize at least 2 (sometimes all people staffing a clinic will start by diluting a Pfizer vial and then the dose preparation people only have to draw up doses for a good portion of the clinic).

Tips for Managing COVID-19 Vaccine Distribution [updated 1.13.2021]
  • Click here to view CPESN AR document (CPESN AR pharmacies are currently participating in Phase 1 at the State Level.

    • Includes​ General Tips and Expectations, Time Saving Tips, Example Workflow Process (see image below) and Tips

Action Items for Before and After Receiving Vaccines [updated 1.13.2021]
  • Click here to review the one-pager.

    • This is Arkansas specific for the email contact, so please do not email this contact for your Call the Shots Training, unless you are involved in the vaccine rollout in Phase 1 within CPESN AR.​

In order to encourage social distancing, have patients check-in for their appointment using an App [updated 1.18.2021]
  • Step 1: Create an account for the Mobile Check-In App (Click here to be directed to the Apple App Store; cost is reasonable and can be used for other services)

  • Step 2: Inform patients to download the Mobile Check In app via the App Store [My Mobile Check In] or Google Play [Mobile Check In] on their smartphone. This will allow a patient to “Check In” to the pharmacy when they arrive in the parking parking lot.

  • Step 3: When patients arrives and. checks in (must be less than 1/4 mile from pharmacy to check-in), the staff can text when ready for the patient's appointment.

    • If the patient does not have a smart phone, provide the pharmacy's phone number with a specific extension to dial.

Triaging Patients for the Appropriate COVID-19 Vaccine Phase

All CPESN pharmacies should take great care in ensuring that they follow phase and patient eligibility guidelines from federal, state and local public health authorities.  This does not preclude deviations in order to reduce waste of COVID-19 vaccine doses. CPESN® USA will work hand in hand with local CPESN Networks to investigate any reports of misappropriation of allocated vaccines to patients who are not eligible to receive it.  Consequences for failure to ensure eligibility include possible action plans, removal from the Federal Pharmacy Partnership, and removal from participation with CPESN if supported by the CPESN USA Compliance Committee.

Insert "conditions" into your online consent form / appointment scheduler to help determine if the patient qualifies for the current phase [updated 1.18.2021]
  • Example:  if we are in phase 1A and someone selects "person with chronic condition" or a choice that doesn't meet current phase; we can "hide" the rest of the form so the patient is unable to complete & schedule an appt. 

  • "This has helped us SO much with preventing people who don't qualify filling out forms & clogging up appt times and greatly reduced staff time in making calls & canceling appointments." - Cheri Schmit 

COVID-19 Vaccine Consent Forms
Printable Consent Forms [updated 1.10.2021]
  • Edit and make specific to your community pharmacy

    • Add your logo and pharmacy address / phone number.

    • The Word versions are available for you to edit to personalize and maintain an updated version.​

    • If form items are missing which are required for your State's IIS, add them.

  • Utilize the "Pharmacy Use for Insurance Information" Box on page 2 to write in the appropriate insurance ​information for the Prescription and/or Medical Insurance.

  • Useful for those patients / community members that may not have many technology skills.

Consent Form questions were adapted from The CDC Prevaccination Checklist for COVID-19 Vaccines.

Review The CDC Checklist by clicking here.

Best Practice: Utilize the pages below the questionnaire to help understand action items for patients who respond "Yes" for the screening questionnaires 

Click here to download the Word version of the general COVID-19 Vaccine Consent Form (images above)

Click here to download the Word version of the Moderna COVID-19 Vaccine Consent Form (Contains the Link to the Moderna EUA Fact Sheet)

Click here to download the Word version of the Pfizer COVID-19 Vaccine Consent Form (Contains the Link to the Pfizer EUA Fact Sheet)

Online Consent Forms Available via JotForm (HIPAA Compliant) [updated 1.10.2021]
  • The Moderna COVID-19 Vaccine Consent Form listed above has been added to JotForm for pharmacies to utilize and customize.

    • The Word Document was loaded onto JotForm as a PDF and the patient facing online consent form maps to the PDF. Example is listed below.

    • These developed Consent Forms that can be utilized at your pharmacy can be customized after you have a JotForm Account. There are 2 versions of this online Consent Form Available

      1. Online Consent Form Only​

      2. Online Consent Form with Appointment Scheduling

    • Patient has the ability to download the Moderna Fact Sheet at the end and download the completed PDF (as seen below).

      • May encourage patients to bring this completed form in with them or may print it on their behalf (directions in stepwise document). 

  • Stepwise Approach to utilizing this templated Online Consent Form within JotForm​​​​

    • Click here for a One-Page Step​-by-Step Approach to utilizing this form and learn best practices in utilizing the Online COVID-19 Vaccine Consent Form.

  • Click here to view an example of the form after a patient completes online

    • You may download by viewing submissions by selecting "PDF Submissions"​

    • Then edit the Pharmacy Use Only sections once the patient receives the vaccine.

Online Consent Forms Available via JotForm (HIPAA Compliant) [updated 1.13.2021]
  • Hartzell's Pharmacy has COVID-19 Screening and COVID-19 Vaccine Consent Templates available. 

    • Note that Hartzell's is located in PA. Make specific to your State​ and follow your State's phased guidance with consideration of the ACIP recommendations when necessary for who to prioritize for the vaccine.

    • How to Access: Search "PA Pharmacy" to find these templates, upload to your HIPAA-Compliant JotForm Account and modify as you need for your pharmacy.

      • Click here to access JotForm Template's Search Function​

Assistance with Setting up Online Consent Forms & Appointment Software [updated 1.18.2021]
  • If you need assistance with setup, scheduling, or form creation, GRX Marketing is available to assist at a rate of $50/hour. Average time to build forms is 1-3 hours per form. Click here to view the flyer.

    • Also, can help set up forms based on local/state/federal guidance for appropriate COVID-19 vaccine phase designation for a patient.​

  • PrescribeWellness offers a consent and scheduling product that is free for anyone that has all of their solutions (CompleteCare) and they have an option for pharmacies that are not PrescribeWellness users. Click here to view the flyer.


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