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CPESN COVID-19 Vaccine Change Packages 

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The CPESN® USA COVID-19 Vaccine Change Package for December 2020 is designed to help your pharmacy build the infrastructure required prior to ordering the COVID-19 Vaccine.

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December 2020

Audio Recordings from CPESN Pharmacy Owners and Staff

*Discuss topic areas regarding implementation of the COVID-19 Vaccine process*

Audio Clip (recorded 1.14.2021)

  • ~44 minute audio clip from an impromptu recording about how 3 business partners at Towncrest Pharmacy are operationalizing The CDC COVID-19 Vaccine Program.

  • Includes: Billing Tips,, Practical info to get started and words of advice from from pharmacists who have been immunizing COVID-19 Vaccines.

    • Also, reviews how implementation may not be perfect at the beginning but policies and procedures are require, along with the engagement of all staff members including Pharmacy Technicians who are certified to provide immunizations.


Guests from Towncrest Pharmacy with CPESN Iowa:

  • Mike Deninger, RPh. Ph.D.

  • Kelly Kent, RPh. Pharm.D. BCPS

  • Randy McDonough, RPh. Pharm.D. MS BCGP BCPS FAPHA

A special thanks to Kelly Brock, PharmD, RPh with CPESN CA Leadership for hosting the recording

Audio Clip

  • PPCN (A CPESN Network in Pennsylvania) hosts "Coffee and Conversation" webinar, in which this webinar highlights St Marys Pharmacy (SMP) and their implementation of COVID-19 vaccine processes.

  • Much of their content that they reference can be found in the "Implementation/Processes" tab or click here to be redirect.

COVID-19 Vaccination Playbook for Pennsylvania's Independent Community Pharmacies

*Local CPESN Pharmacies and Leaders were involved with content creation*

Awareness of the Minority Sentiment - Materials in Collaboration with National Pharmaceutical Association (NPA)

Awareness of Minority Sentiment image on

We've collaborated with Jacqueise Unonu, a luminary with CPESN Washington D.C. Metro Area and the Clinical Initiatives Chair with National Pharmaceutical Association, to develop two resources for your pharmacy:

  • A patient-facing flyer/poster that outlines some common myths held by many Americans, especially people of color 

    • Right; Prints to 8.5" X 14"​

  • A pharmacy staff tip sheet to help bring awareness to many of the concerns Black Americans and other minorities have about COVID-19 vaccines.

    • Left; Prints to 8.5" X 11"​


Additionally, here are some great links that you may want to watch or make available to your pharmacy staff and hesitant patients:


A great video from Black physicians and healthcare workers:


FDA Office of Minority Health videos:


CDC Vaccine Myths and Facts Page:


An article on influential leaders using social media to connect with minorities:

Rejecting Common Myths image only.png

Patient-facing PowerPoint Presentation to Groups RE: Vaccine Hesitancy

We've developed a patient-facing PowerPoint presentation on vaccine hesitancy for pharmacists to customize and deliver to local audiences. Consider this for presentations to local clubs: Kiwanis, Rotary Club, Chamber of Commerce, churches, men's or women's groups, etc. ​

  1. The slides have speaker notes included at the bottom of the slide, be sure to see those. If you can't see them, click and draw up the Speaker Notes box.

  2. Some slides are designed to be customized for you and your pharmacy, be sure to edit those and add your logo, pharmacy name, photo, etc.

  3. Feel free to add other questions and the appropriate answers.

  4. There are three variations for slide #5 entitled "Who do you trust?" and one is in the presentation and two other options are at the end. Pick the one most relatable to your target audience and delete the others from your presentation.

  5. Send any other slide ideas to Jay Williams at

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