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CPESN COVID-19 Vaccine Change Packages 

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The CPESN® USA COVID-19 Vaccine Change Package for December 2020 is designed to help your pharmacy build the infrastructure required prior to ordering the COVID-19 Vaccine.

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December 2020

Audio Recordings from CPESN Pharmacy Owners and Staff

*Discuss topic areas regarding implementation of the COVID-19 Vaccine process*

Audio Clip (recorded 1.14.2021)

  • ~44 minute audio clip from an impromptu recording about how 3 business partners at Towncrest Pharmacy are operationalizing The CDC COVID-19 Vaccine Program.

  • Includes: Billing Tips,, Practical info to get started and words of advice from from pharmacists who have been immunizing COVID-19 Vaccines.

    • Also, reviews how implementation may not be perfect at the beginning but policies and procedures are require, along with the engagement of all staff members including Pharmacy Technicians who are certified to provide immunizations.


Guests from Towncrest Pharmacy with CPESN Iowa:

  • Mike Deninger, RPh. Ph.D.

  • Kelly Kent, RPh. Pharm.D. BCPS

  • Randy McDonough, RPh. Pharm.D. MS BCGP BCPS FAPHA

A special thanks to Kelly Brock, PharmD, RPh with CPESN CA Leadership for hosting the recording

Audio Clip

  • PPCN (A CPESN Network in Pennsylvania) hosts "Coffee and Conversation" webinar, in which this webinar highlights St Marys Pharmacy (SMP) and their implementation of COVID-19 vaccine processes.

  • Much of their content that they reference can be found in the "Implementation/Processes" tab or click here to be redirect.

COVID-19 Vaccination Playbook for Pennsylvania's Independent Community Pharmacies

*Local CPESN Pharmacies and Leaders were involved with content creation*


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