Testing Best Practices

Deborah Bowers (Yorkville Pharmacy; CPESN SC Luminary) shared the following on the 10/14 COVID Weekly Update Webinar

Example of Patient / Education Counseling Materials 
  • State Department of Health – GREAT resource for patient counseling materials

    • Edited for pharmacy and loaded onto pharmacy’s website

  • Comprehensive document reviews the following topic and can choose which one to provide to the patient

    • Q & A

    • Positive or likely to have COVID-19

    • Negative Result

    • Quarantine

    • Taking care of a child with COVID-19 ​

  • Click here to view PDF version on Deborah's Website

  • Click here to download an editable Word document​​

Example of Test Result Patient Communication
  • When you have the result for the test, communicate it in a professional manner.

  • Deborah created a templated document for positive and one for negative results to share with the patient. 

  • Click here to download an editable Word document​​

Karami Reed & Lily Genta (Shaver Pharmacy and Compounding Center;

CPESN Idaho) shared the following on the 10/21 COVID Weekly Update Webinar

Example of a COVID-19 Testing Standard Operating Procedure 
  • Click here for a quick overview of the slides

  • Click here to download the Standard Operating Procedure with lots of great resources! Examples include:

    • COVID-19 Testing Talking Points​ 

    • Consent Form

    • COVID-19 Testing Flow Chart

    • Courier Testing Checklist

    • POCT Checklist

    • COVID-19 Testing Daily Tasks

Testing Product Descriptions


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Veritor System Overview.png
SARS-CoV-2 Testing Overview.png

Abbott- Analyzer/Molecular

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Testing Guidance and Validity.png

Abbott- Card/Antigen

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