Best of Patient Focused Efforts 

Drug Information

Develop Guidance for your Pharmacy on COVID-related Medications

  • Gather info from CDC, FDA, and your State Board of Pharmacy regarding medications related to COVID

Guidance on Treatment Options for COVID+ Patients

  • University of Iowa Health Care (UIHC):  Guidance on Treatment Options for Patients with SARS-CoV-2 (updated 3/24)

    • Includes key points regarding prophylaxis, treatment, and drug info.

  • ASHP: Assessment of Evidence for COVID-19-Related Treatments: Updated Regularly

    • Includes drugs, rationale, trials or clinical experience, ​and dosage

Be a resource for your patients and community for accurate drug information

  • Create a process to keep up-to-date with drug information that is being accessed by our patients, communities, and general public

    • Dispelling rumors and providing accurate, fact-based information

    • Keeping up with evidence-based recommendations

      • e.g. use of ibuprofen in patients testing positive with COVID-19

      • Hydroxychloroquine and other treatments for COVID-19

    • Look for sites, sources of information from reliable, evidence-based organizations

  • Research drug information requests that occur during the COVID-19 pandemic and providing accurate information

    • Follow standardize ways to present information to patients and other healthcare providers

      • 7 steps to response to drug information requests: Click here

      • Responding to drug information requests: Click here

    • Utilize your resources to answer drug information questions

      • Student pharmacists, Colleges/Schools of Pharmacy, Drug information specialists

Free Continuing Education Regarding COVID-19 

  • Podcast CE: Available Thursday, March 26

    • COVID-19: Treatment Guidelines, Testing and PPE

      • ​Geoff Wall, Pharm.D., FCCP, BCPS will lead a discussion on Treatment Guidelines, Testing and PPE.  Listen in via the ThriveSubscribe Podcast Channel

  • Live CE: Wednesday, April 8 at 12 pm CDT

    • COVID-19: An Evidence-Based Review of Treatment Guidelines 

      • ​Information and guidelines on COVID-19 is quickly evolving. This is your chance to ask questions and discuss the evidence.