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Did you know that up to 1.5 Million volunteers are needed to register for Phase 3 Trials for each of the current five COVID-19 vaccine candidates to fully launch?   

You Can Help Accelerate Operation Warp Speed.  

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It's simple.  Register Yourself and Encourage Others To Do the Same.

Best Practice:  Hang Posters in the Pharmacy or Distribute Flyers to the Community

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  • Below are the English and Spanish versions of flyers and posters produced by Fred Hutch Research Center - the hosts of the Coronavirus Prevention Network and the registration site.

  • Hang posters in the pharmacy or distribute flyers to the community and be ready to answer questions about the registration and trials by reading through registration site FAQs above

  • While not necessary to register, if you ask the registrant to put RXRX in the site code at the end, we can track community pharmacy's efforts in accelerating Operation Warp Speed! 

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Best Practice:  Initiate Conversations with At-Risk Individuals 

  • Current registrants are disproportionately not at risk.  Operation Warp Speed needs at- risk populations to register to fill out Phase 3 Trial enrollment and ensure safety and efficacy 

  • Community pharmacies are staffed by trusted health care professionals who communicate well with their patrons and patients

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  • Use flyers as bag stuffers at prescription pick up or when delivering medications for at-risk patents at their homes

  • Ensure your patients understand why their participation is so important as an at risk individual 

  • Educate your staff at your weekly meeting about how Clinical Trials work, the historical safety record of vaccine trials and why at-risk populations need to participate

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