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Best of Pharmacy Focused Efforts 

Home or Hand Delivery

Best Practice: Partner with a Local Car Dealership to Temporarily have Additional Delivery Vehicles

  • "We had a local dealership reach out to us. They were wanting to do something to help the community with resources they have and without costing them a lot of money.  They have several fleet vehicles that would normally be leased by companies for salespeople that are currently unleased and just sitting in their lots.  They realized that we were probably doing a lot more deliveries now could use more vehicles and reached out to us about a partnership.  They offered us vehicles at no cost to us for 3 months under a “borrowed vehicle agreement” and offered to put wrap on the vehicle." - Cheri Schmit

  • Contact a local car dealership to inquire about use of unleased fleet vehicles for a designated time period (e.g. 3 months) to increase your pharmacy’s ability to provide prescription deliveries without purchasing or leasing a vehicle

  • Emphasize the ability of the car dealership to help meet a need for increased delivery services to encourage people stay at home and flatten the curve

    • ​Discuss a borrowed vehicle agreement (usually the dealership has this), the length of the agreement, and addition of the vehicle(s) to the pharmacy’s insurance policy

  • A promotional wrap containing both logos should be placed on the car with the saying: “This vehicle is provided by (Car Dealership) to (Pharmacy) for FREE no contact deliveries “

  • Use the pharmacy’s and car dealership’s social media platforms to promote the community service effort of the car dealership and increased pharmacy delivery services to help people stay at home

Best Practice: Medication Drop Off and Verification

  • Use drop off as an opportunity to check in with patient 

  • Staple screening form for symptoms of COVID-19 to bag

  • Have them call pharmacy if exhibiting any or worsening symptoms

Best Practice: Home or Hand Delivery (without F2F contact)

  • Wear latex or other type of glove when delivering

  • Drop off and go back to car

  • Write down cell phone number of delivery driver on package with note to call driver in their car while they are parked before they drive away if they have questions

  • Have driver to document on a form (as seen in the delivery protocol example) that the patient received delivery or document patient understanding of delivery left outside.

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