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COVID-19 Change Packages

Change Package #1 (3/24/2020)

Objective: Integral to community pharmacies currently is focusing on protecting pharmacy staff and patients.  This requires new workflows (practice transformation). Simultaneously, pharmacies need to be communicating the changes to patients.

Change Package #2 (4/08/2020)

Objective: This document is intended to provide a stepwise, workflow approach for triaging patients suspected of COVID-19 and to develop a care plan for those patients.

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Change Package #3 (4/17/2020)

Objective: Helps to guide community pharmacies in applying for a CLIA Waiver in a straight-forward guidance document. *A how-to video is provided to help you fill out the form.*

Change Package #4 (5/15/2020)

Objective: As community-based pharmacies consider reopening, CPESN USA luminaries and leaders came together to share insights on what they are doing to reopen their pharmacies. Learn what you need to consider when preparing to reopen your pharmacy to the patients you serve in your community while keeping your pharmacy staff safe and healthy.

The information provided on CPESN USA's COVID-19 Best Practices Website is subject to local, state, and federal laws and regulations.  As you are aware, such  laws, regulations, best practices, and guidance continue to evolve during this crisis.  To the extent changes occur, CPESN will endeavor to continue to update this website and materials to reflect the most current guidance.  Nonetheless, all materials are intended to be for informational purposes and are not a substitute for your professional judgment.


CPESN® USA is a clinically integrated, nationwide Accountable Pharmacy Organization  structured to advance community-based pharmacy practice. They empower community-based pharmacies that are deeply rooted within their community by fostering their ability to provide high quality, patient-centered enhanced services. CPESN® pharmacies integrate with other healthcare providers on the patient’s care team to coordinate medical treatment. The results are better medication adherence, higher patient satisfaction, and lower healthcare costs. You can find CPESN® networks of pharmacy providers in 45 states across America. To learn more, please visit

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Founded in 1898, the National Community Pharmacists Association is the voice for independent pharmacy, representing 21,000 pharmacies and employing more than 250,000 individuals nationwide. Independent pharmacy is a $75.8 billion marketplace. Community pharmacists are local health care problem-solvers who can customize solutions to local health challenges for groups and employers.